microfiber paint roller

The roller S/774 is composed of the latest generation microfiber fabric, with an extraordinary absorbing power.


It is ideal for painting ceilings because the high anti-drop power is a natural consequence of the physico-chemical characteristics of the microfiber, where the high density of filaments per surface unit and the fine structures that compose it, allow a great work, avoiding excessive loss of color on the floor.

  • Anti-drip
  • Suitable for solvent-based paint
  • Suitable for water-based paint
  • Suitable for smooth or semi / rough surfaces
  • Suitable for fluid paints Smooth finish
  • High absorbency
  • Long duration

The pile of the S/774 roller is 12 mm high, microfiber rollers of lower height are also available such as the S/874, 9 mm yarn, and the S / 875, 6 mm yarn, exclusively suitable for smooth surfaces, with medium density paint products and for water-based enamels and resins.

The special bonding treatment to the polypropylene tube by thermofusion makes it a microfiber roller of extreme strength and durability, if properly washed after use.

The S/774 roller is available in 3 width / diameter formats, to better adapt to every specific need: in fact, you can choose between 20 cm x Ø 48 mm, 23 cm x Ø 58 mm and 25 cm x Ø 48 mm .

The microfiber roller S/774, much appreciated by painters, is available as a spare and can be combined with different types of handles; the recommended choice is the S / 743 handle, ergonomic, made of plastic and rubber.

Its special ergonomic shape, covered with non-slip rubber in the areas of greatest grip to the hand, makes it a valuable ally for the painter in the most demanding jobs.


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